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More Furry Comics for Free Comic Day!

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Want free comic books with furry content? Watch for the next Free Comic Book Day this May 5th. Several furry comics and comic collections will be published and given away! (list below)Here's a partial list from the website which I believe will have furry content:

Way of the Rat Movie 2003 (includes stories from the comics Psychic Dyslexia Insitute and more!)
KeenSpot Spotlight 2003 (including stories from Newshounds and KeenSpace-turn-Spot comic Gene Catlow).

(Note, I am part of KeenSpace's staff)



Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

from the free comic book link, and i think i may have remembered seeing something about this last year too, i get the impression this is some comics distributer trying to get more people awair of and buying comics. which is cool.
the only problem: i didn't or couldn't find on their site anything like a geographical list of participating retailers.
(and personaly i could give a flying rat about marvil and d.c. which they seemed to be majorly flogging)
i mean even without the freebee i'd be interested in a geographic list of comic retailers who carried anything furry in print ... ~;)
(i do know of one semi-localy that did and probably still does ... ~;)

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