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Crazed cat traps owner in bathroom

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Cathy the cat was more than a bit catty when she went into a spitting rage when her owner went to start sweeping, trapping him in the bathroom. Two mounties couldn't subtue or catch the frienzied feline, and an animal control officer says he's never seen anything quite like it. Rabies was later ruled out, but it begs the question, just what did the cat get so mad about?



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Sweeping as in broom or vacuum?

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Didn't read the article ;>?
Broom sweepery. Most cats I know play with brooms.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Heh, Fox News Channel's "G Block" (the unusual stories section of the Fox Report show) did a bit on this today... complete with "reenactment" featuring a guy in a cat fursuit running around with police-types surrounding and capturing him with plastic netting. Was pretty funny :) I assume they didn't film that specifically for this story (seems like too much work for this :), but rather found something in their archive... wonder where they got it from.

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