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Funeral Home Dioramas

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San Sanfillippo is a funeral home director. He said that the old people didn't know what to do at funerals. So he started an unusual hobby: stuffing and posing dead animals.

Sam runs off to gather refreshments and we look around. Tiny motors whir as Sam's collection creaks into action: a squirrel rocks back and forth in a chair while smoking a pipe and reading a book, muskie spin eerily in wood-framed seascapes. The elaborate dead "Squirrel Bar" has white, brown, and black squirrels sharing brews and cigars and good times — forever. In "The Woodland Fair" diorama, chipmunks populate "Lou's Bar & Grill," ride a merry-go-round, eat cotton candy. Half-naked 'munks dance on-stage at the "Topless Girlie Show." A squirrel rides an animated bucking bronco amid a tableau of colorful plastic dinosaurs. A pack of rare albino squirrels straddle Playskool tricycles and spin on a Ferris wheel.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Topless Squirrel show?

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