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Video: BrewDog's 'End of History' promoted using fursuits

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As reported by the BBC, Scottish brewery BrewDog has created twelve bottles of beer of 55% alcohol content, bottled in stoats and grey squirrels and sold for £500 (US$775, €595).

Its creators claim the animals involved were roadkill, and say the beverage was infused with "nettles, juniper berries, and mead" in a video which combines fursuits and German sausage:

Note: Flayrah does not endorse the production or consumption of the depicted beverages.


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This is not the first time the BrewDog Brewing team has worn fursuits in a promo video. Their previous high-alcohol content beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, was the subject of a good video with several of the staff and even their dog in penguin suits:

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