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Dog decpaitation sparks 4chan witch-hunt

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The San Antonio Express-News has posted a follow-up to their original story about Wolfie Blackheart, a 18-year-old tail-wearing "werewolf" who wants to be a taxidermist.

Wolfie gained attention after the media heard how she removed a dead dog's head to boil and preserve it, as she has done with the heads of several other animals.

The new article talks more about the involvement of 4chan regulars, who tracked Wolfie down after seeing a picture of the severed head.

Placed under investigation by Animal Care Services and the San Antonio Police, Wolfie was ultimately cleared, as "the dog was already deceased at the time of the beheading."


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This reminds me of an event back in February 2006 when Chinese netizens also tracked down the woman in an video of her penetrating the skull of live kittens with the heel of a high-heeled shoe. The incident seem to have been directed by a sub-provincial Bureau of Radio and Television, although the officer in charge is said to have a caring character by his colleagues... geez, what actually happened?

I wasn't paying much attention when all this happened, so my memory of this is a bit hazy. But it has been extensively covered by the media and is often cited as one of the defining examples of manpower search.

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Huh, this story has been getting a lot of visits lately, despite being two years old (and having a horrible typo in the title). 724 views, making it the second highest visited article in the last thirty days, though it looks to have peaked about a week (-ish?) ago.

Green Reaper, explain this to me.

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Typo? What typo? *whistles*

The visits occurred mostly within a two-day period and with no referrer. All were new visits, and most left immediately. This is consistent with an emailed link from a non-furry source, though there are probably other good explanations.

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