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Tigers turn on their keepers

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There have been two fatalities reported from tiger attacks within the past week:

William Olson, owner of a licensed sanctuary for exotic cats, was found dead in an outdoor enclosure on March 31st after police responded to a call reporting that he had been attacked. Two tigers were shot by the authorities in order to reach Olson.

More recently, at Safari Joe's Rock Creek Exotic Animal Park, animal handler Linda Bracket was pulled into a cage by tigers while watering them. She died of her injuries.


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::shrug:: The instincts run deep. What may be 'play' to a tiger will snap your neck.

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True... In his book "Return To Eden", Dean Harrison (owner of "Out of Africa" wildlife park near Phoenix) gives a fairly detailed account of how he was nearly killed by a cougar he'd worked with for several years, which only goes to prove those wild instincts never go away.

mwalimu (who just noticed the double meaning in the title of this article)

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