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Rocket City FurMeet - Huntsville, AL - May 23rd-25th

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Hey Y'all,

Come join us for the very first Rocket City FurMeet and have lots of fun with Furry friends from all over while seeing just how lovely springtime in Alabama can be! Make plans now to travel down Sowth, and come visit the real home of the US Space Program, Huntsville, Alabama!

We're putting together quite a variety of events and things to do while at RCFM, including a panel with our Guest of Honor Bill Holbrook (author of the comic strips Kevin & Kell, On the Fastrack and Safe Havens). More information on RCFM can be found at Online registration and PayPal payments are available on the website, as well as Hotel contact information and information on Huntsville in general.

We hope to see a lot of Furs here in May, whether from the Sowth or beyond. It's going to be a really fun weekend, and the more who join us the better! :>

(Head Cat for RCFM)


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