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Happy Furry Day!

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The town of Helston in Cornwall, England celebrates May 8 as Furry Day.

So strict is the observance of this day as a general holiday, that should any person be found at work, he is instantly seized , set astride on a pole, and hurried on men?s shoulders to the river, which he is sentenced to leap over a wide place, which he, of course, fails in attempting, and leaps into the water. A small contribution towards the good cheer of the day easily compounds for the leap.

So, what are you doing for Furry Day?


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that is so lovely
i'll be sure and wear me tails
... ~;)
wonder whot thed say if we did
wear our formal atire owl rite
but wi are furry tails sticin oot b'hind
my guess and my hope is wall they mite think us daft
it'd be a daft they'd love an take us in all the same

i be glad someone found this
gives me a good excuse
ya know all i got is a tail and a head i've never gotten arround to making a lower jaw for
but it's always nice to have an excuse for wearin

too bad i don't live over that way
i'd be curious to see how much of that they still do and in what manor

... ~;)

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I spent Furry Day... uh... buying pants. Which isn't really appropriate, I know, but, well, I needed to, and...

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