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"Tiger Lady" Loses Four Year Struggle to Keep Cats

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After four years of legal battles, New Jersey's "Tiger Lady" has lost her ownership rights to the twenty-four Bengal tigers she has been keeping.

The state has been attempting to remove the big cats from Joan Byron-Marasek's custody since 1999, when the police shot a roaming tiger alleged to belong to her. It has since been decided by authorities that her facilities are sub-standard, and that she has failed to obtain the proper permits in due time.

The court ruled that the state holds jurisdiction over the animals, which will be moved to a tiger sanctuary in Texas this summer.


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this state is unbelievable - Joan also got someone who would come take the tigers (at no cost to us taxpayers) and would give them a good temporary home until one could be found permanently, but no, the state just wants her land to develop since Jackson has become such a hot spot to live. and even after they used millions of OUR tax money to fight this poor woman - they are using thousands more to move these tigers to a place that doesn't even have a good reputation, if the poor tigers even survive this horrible move to TEXAS!! this state sucks!

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