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Fursuit photo wins $500 in T-Mobile contest

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Cannon, the Party Pony, was recently snapped at Cartoon Network Studio. You can see the picture at Just click on the See/Send/Share contest and check May 14th.

Cannon visited the studio when his owner, an employee at CNS, found out that two popular South American TV costume characters were appearing. The cat and bird in the photo are major stars (along the line of Barney) in South America. During their tour of the studio, the Latin pair were surprised to find a fellow costume. When an employee grabbed his T-Mobile camera phone, they posed in the studio elevator. Later, when Cannon heard the employee would earn $500 for the photo, the Party Pony stated, "that ain't hay!". Cannon recently won the furdance contest at CF.


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There are 16 pages of thumbnails for that date.

Can you be more specific?

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I went through all the pages of thumbnails and there aren't any fursuits on those pages. Perhaps a different date?

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They changed the system for finalists. To find the picture, go to See/Send/Share. Then click on "photo album" and select "daily winners" THEN go to May 14th.

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Here's a direct link

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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