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Racine, WI is full of CATS

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Downtown Racine, WI is full of cats.
But only for the summer.
Painted ones :)

-- puma


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Best keep Jim Groat away from there...
He'd freak out...;)


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Hopefully they'll last longer than the fiberglass moose we had up here. It took about a day before people realized that the antlers made wonderful souvenies.

I still have the image of that "pika-moose" burned into my brain...

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Now I know where the Bethehem town council got their idea from! I will admit, the horses are very nice pieces of work.

Unfortunately, the local vandals think the same thing. Thus far they've been up less than a month, and one's been blown up with a stick of dynamite (these kids can't get guns but they know how to get TNT?) and another was sawed off at the knees and has gone missing.

Then again, considering what this town's become, it was only a matter of time.


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