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Escaped Chinese Monkeys Are Dangerous!

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A woman and her child were attacked by four escaped zoo monkeys, which then had to be shot, according to this AP article. Only the youngest monkey escaped.


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Monkey escapes from zoo pens aren't that unusual. They are relatively smart & very agile. This story was news because the setting is exotic, and you may not have seen many monkey escapes in your local news lately. Your own regional zoo is not going to want to have a monkey escape as a news feature, if they can supress the story! Usually they can, if no one is hurt.

My father worked at 2 zoos in the USA. He considered escaped monkeys the most dangerous to the public of any escaped animal: They escape often, they are hard to capture (smart & agile), they may not be afraid of humans (and people may not be afraid of the 'cute monkey'), the monkeys expect you to know all their 'monkey rules', and people don't realize how big their canine teeth are! (Huge.) One bite = hospital emergency room.

The zoo monkeys being shot by the police is tragic. It is frustrating to read a story that has no details of what actually happened. It is too easy to imagine the worst motivations for human behavior and most tragic turn of story. Yet what happened may have been the only quick way to protect other humans and animals. We don't know how things actually happened.

Here in the USA, once a human is bitten, community public health laws sometimes insist on a dead animal so it may be rapidly autopsied for rabies. It could be the same in China.


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