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Christ Can Help Furverts!

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Purging Inhuman Sexual Orientation with Christ, (PISOC), claims to be
a Christian organization whose aim is to help furries to escape, much
as if Fur Fandom were a mind-bending cult. I'm not sure whether they
seriously mean it, but I can't imagine anybody on the right side of a
lunatic assylum's door taking them seriously!

Check them for yourself.

Especially note their "10 quick facts" about Furry.

For instance, did you know that you've been castrated? Are you
snickering yet?



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This site is so obviously off the deep end that I can only assume it must be a parody.

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c'mon.. they've got a link to Landover Baptist... they're trying too hard

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Oh look, it's that "furies4jesus" guy again, with a new domain. You might remember him from such flamewars as
I rather like number 7 on his list of facts, though. I guess he can be pretty funny when he's not trolling the newsgroups.

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I never followed, but if this site belongs to furies4jesus, then he has one terrific sense of humor. This site is funny! I'm torn between whether I like "the Communal Living Internment Chambers (CLIC)" or "Protest & Outreach (P.O.'d) Activities Organization" better... but I doubt anything can compare to the following under Interventions:

This often involves forcing the patient to ride Greyhound busses across the U.S.A. while watching DVDs of Lawrence Welk on a portable player to re-instill "Family Values". If Laurence Welk is in appropriate (some patients were often fans and would act out sexually to Lawrence Welk), then taped episodes of the Rush Limbaugh television program may be used.

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Gah. Sad thing is, I know folks (don't we all) that would read and believe bull like this as if it were scripture from the book itself.

Have to laugh though.. this is so far out there that it must be tongue-in-cheek.


Pardon me, I need to go violently disembowel some more of those "hyoomens" I've got locked in the basement.

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Don't forget to use your "Yiffing" tool in the process.

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i a disgusted as a christian that any one would try to pull off this anti fur movement i am surprised that asshole pat robertson is in this group. these people don't understand the real christanity we accept people for who they are may they be gay lesbian or fur

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You don't need to be too disgusted by this. Whether or not you find it funny, the site is 100% pure joke. If you couldn't tell by the over-the-top "facts" about furries, there is a telling quote on f4j's "personal" site.

This site is a work of parody and/or satire. Your mileage may vary.

So laugh with it, if you can. Just don't give him the negative reaction he's fishing for, or you'll find yourself part of the joke.

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According to your links, though, that's the furries4jesus site. I
looked through as much of the PISOC site as I could and couldn't find
a similar disclaimer... which doesn't necessarily mean anything, of

Mind you, they did list f4j as one of their supporters...


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I did indeed link to f4j's site, as opposed to the PISOC page. I've made the assumption that the sites are maintained by the same person, which I'll admit I don't have ironclad proof of. But that is academic to my point: PISOC is a parody site. Even if you ignore PISOC's circumstantial links to f4j, he states flat out on his Recent Mail page that Pastor Roose is also a fictional character.
What's more, I'll point out to you that PISOC has the same disclaimer on its contact page that appears at the bottom of nearly every page of f4j's site: all messages sent to the given address are declared property of, and subject to being published and ridiculed by its recipient. Even if f4j is not also Pastor Roose, then I would still tell you without a doubt that they're friends in on the same joke.

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I believe it is a parody. I mean anybody who links to Landover Baptist can't be serious, unless they are foolish enough to believe that such a site is actually serious.

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity. One lick, and you'll suck forever.

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Well, I'd have to say there are plenty of people that foolish.

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I saw this site several months ago. It's worth pointing out that Pastor Willy's other great crusade is against the evils of applesauce. (Look through the site, it's in there)

He also belives that women aren't fit to know how to read. I can only hope this is a fake.

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All I can say is, where is that secret lab in San Francisco and how do I sign up? ;)

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Woo-hoo! lol, Me too.

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It's a parody site, plain and simple. Someone is trying to get some fur ruffled. Look in the "Contact Us" section, the email address is Go to and they come right out and say the church is fake. }:)

Fur Peace!

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huh, for a minute there I thought it was a little joke from our good, good friends at

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