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New Furry RP BB

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I never really saw if there was a bulletin board reserved specifically for furry roleplaying. So, I made one. There's not much there right now (not even a cool domain name). I just put it up using free BB software, but I hope to eventually make it a place everyone can come to RP as an alternative to the much more plentiful MU*s.

Brody's Furry RP BB


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You've probably never really seen a furry RP BBS because they've all moved on, evolved into Mucks. Before the Internet really took off, there were dozens of BBS boards, and they all had connections to RP feeds that were set up at each BBS node. They've all since gone by the way because of the emergence of the Internet Mucks, and because the Mucks offered something the BBS RPs didn't have: immediancy. You get an immediate response from other players while on a Muck, whereas the BBS RP could take days for a response.

I notice that there -are- some BBS style RP on some of the Yahoo groups, incidentally, so you're not even the first one to bring it back.

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Not every one likes MUCKs.

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Oh, I know I'm not groundbreaking or anything like that, I am just offering a service to see if there is a demand. There may be, or maybe all the BBS RPers are already in these yahoo forums. Who knows?

I used to MUCK a lot, and it is still enjoyable from time to time, but replying in a timely manner means I do not think about what I am typing; I do not get a chance to relish over the words. As a writer hobbyist, I enjoy roleplaying over bulletin boards in other venues such as anime, fantasy, and adult boards. It is a different experience than MUCKing: it is slower, more thorough and detailed, and I find it more fulfilling. You have a chance to check for spelling errors. You can change a word or sentence to make it better. You don't have to wait for your partner to be on to post. You can play in multiple scenes without being overwhelmed.

Of course, MUCKs have their advantage as well: it's real-time. For the impatient, it's wonderful.

It's the difference between email and instant messaging: most of us have both. I happen to use email more often than IMs. You may differ.

Have a good day!

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Nods.. I used to run a Wildcat v2 through v4 BBS with 4 dialup lines, and one "SLIP" connection (for telnet connections). We were on Fidonet too. This again was before the Internet explosion or even the web. But things do progress as they did with us.

Besides yahoo there is a nice whole section dedicated to Roll Play on Furtopia's forums as well:

The net RP scene is very alive and kicking. ;)

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