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"Tossed puppies" woman caught in hoax

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A woman who claimed that she saw someone throw a bag of puppies out of a car, making national news and spawning a large reward for information leading to the capture of the puppy tosser, has now been charged with filing a false report. The puppy that was being shown as a valient rescue of the tragic event was discovered to be a recent purchase.
Tracy Lloyd told reporters that she didn't want her face on TV when the original story broke, but she was undone as the woman who sold her the dog not a week earlier came forward after recognising Lloyd's voice and her dog. The puppy has been returned to the original owner.
Update: Interestingly, or perhaps sickly, enough, the description Lloyd gave of the suspects who threw the dogs out of the car matched the family who gave her the dog in the first place. Not a very nice lady at all.


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Tossed puppies,
Tossed puppies,
Tossed puppies aren't for real.

A woman claimed
They were tossed,
Seems the report she filed was false,
Tossed puppies aren't for real, no no no.

Seems she bought them
At a store,
She's not a hero anymore,
Tossed puppies aren't for real.

Tossed puppies,
Tossed puppies,
Tossed puppies aren't for real.
(One more time for Vanilla Ice!)
Tossed puppies,
Tossed puppies...
Tossed... puppies... aren't for reee-e-e-eeeeal!

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The "filing a false report" link has changed, the story is now at

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