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Lotsa funny animal cartoons - maybe

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The August 2003 issue of Animation Magazine contains a "pitch party" feature in which 96 animation studios or individual animators submit their pitches for new TV animation series. Many of these feature funny animal characters, such as "Klutch Carbon" ("When a young bruin, the son of a hero, answers a doomed planet's call, he's thrust into a world wrought by deception and betrayal. His destiny: become a legend.") Several include URLs to their studio's illustrated websites, such as Bigfoot Country Critters' Zombie Skunk Ghouls, Yin-n-Yang starring "Kaiketsu, the Fujutsu Puppy and Akari, the Kung Fu Kitty", Space Cadets about "7 highly trained animal astronauts who went where no man had gone before", The Adventures of Alex in which "Alex the Ape and his friends swing into action to protect their tropical island home from a megalomaniacal multi-millionaire who plans to pilfer the island to serve his own selfish needs", and Coz/Effect starring "Coz McSquirrel and his rock band". Some of these look really good; let's hope they get sold and produced. Others; well...


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

Natural forces looks really interesting-
It has a BADGER!

All the rest looked either just uninteresting to me, or flat out stupid.....
(A few of those HAD to be jokes.)

The unflushables?
Give me a break....


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