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A new furry forum:

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There's a new furry forum that came online July 17th 2003. It's called FurBox.Net, and amazingly enough it can be found at

FurBox.Net is positioned to become a central point of contact and communication for the entire furry community. It's a place where furs from around the world can come together and get to know one another.

What sets FurBox.Net apart from the other online forums is that the administration doesn't believe in advertising. It does however believe in substantial growth, and we're willing to host public or private forums for furries.



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Thank you, we're hoping that others out there share your point of view.

BTW, the default style insde the forums has been changed and pages should fit on displays running lower resolutions now.

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Congratulations on opening FurBox and good luck.

I tried to register with this Forum, but I had a lot of trouble.
The registration screen features an "anti-robot" feature that requires
registrants to copy a series of four characters that are easy for a
human to read, but nearly impossible for a computer. As near as I can
tell I'm copying them correctly. (That swirly thing that looks kinda
like a biohazard trefoil is supposed to be an X, right?) But every
time I submit my registration, it tells me there was a problem with
the anti-robot feature.

And what's worse, when I try to send a message to the
administrator -- or even try to find an address for the administrator
-- it insists that I log on.... which I can't do until I register...
which is the problem I need to talk to the administrator about!

And here's the kicker! As I was searching for some way -- any way
-- to get a message to the administrator, I found a note from "Slink"
in the admin forum saying that -"the problem with the anti-robot
feature had been fixed"- !(I hate to tell ya, Slink ol' pal...)

FurBox looks like a really nice Forum so far, but I've given up
trying to register. I understand wanting to defeat robots looking for
new addresses to spam. It just needs to be fixed!


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Please email me directly with the name you've been trying to register under and I'll manually enable your account.


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