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Horror show ferret rescue brings over 60 animals to shelter

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I don't normally post an article of personal interest to me, but several rescue groups co-ordinated this weekend in tandem with the Washington County Animal Control in Hagerstown, MD, to seize ferrets from an illegal and disgusting ferret breeder. 62 ferrets are now at Rocky's Ferret Rescue in various states of health and age. 14 ferrets went 'missing' from the original inspection and the seizure, and the owner, Di Bachman, is being held accountable for thier whereabouts. For info on the rescue, please go to this site. WARNING! DISTURBING IMAGES!
The shelter is in desperate need for funds for vet examinations, neuterings and other necessities. SOS, the ferret shelter aid organization at Anthrocon, has already donated for much needed ADV tests, but more aid is needed. The last large rescue from a breeder cost over $3000 for 33 ferrets, and this time it's 62, some in much worse condition. If anyone in MD or elsewhere can donate even $5, please do!


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