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Ferrets Vetoed by the Govenator

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The legislation, SB 89 by Sen. Dede Alpert, D-San Diego, would have granted amnesty under limited conditions to ferrets already in California. A $75 license fee would have been dedicated to a study of whether ferrets pose any danger.

You can find more here.

- WhiteFire


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Welp, that sonovabitch Austrian is definetly on my shit list now.

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Anti-pet legislation is rolling around here, as well. For us, it's pit bull season (there have been a few attacks in the papers, so a ban on pit bulls is gaining popular and political support). I am told by a vet that I trust more than the local papers about the topic that it's primarily the owner's disposition, and not the breed, that causes dogs to be this dangerous. Yet, unless things quiet down for a while, this bill or one like it will go through.

I'm curious as to why bills to ban ferrets keep cropping up, though. Unlike dogs, I didn't think ferrets were _capable_ of posing a threat to humans, even children. If anything, their natural prey would be small pets.

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Ferrets are already banned in California. The bill was the latest effort to legalize them.

The concern is not about them being a threat to humans, but about whether they would represent a threat to native plant and animal species if ferrets escaped or were released into the wild. (BTW, nearly all pet ferrets are neutered, as intact ferrets produce odors and have reproductive behaviors that are difficult for your average pet owner to deal with.)

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