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Conifur Northwest pre-reg deadline approaches!

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There only six weeks left to pre-register for Conifur Northwest at the low price of $40! Pre-reg by September 12 to get the discount!

Conifur Northwest is September 26-28, at the Tacoma Convention Center, in Tacoma, Washington. This year’s guests are “Grrrwolf,” artist extraordinarie, and Chuck Melville, artist, author, and editor.

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Conifur Northwest is a convention for fans and creators of anthropomorphic comics, books, movies, and related media. Conifur strives to be a relaxing convention that's fun for all members. Through our programming and special events we hope to provide an entertaining, informative, and inspirational weekend for fans and creators alike. Each year Conifur picks one or two of the many creative persons working in the genre to be our guests of honor. We strive to choose guests who deserve to be well-known in the community, and hope that our convention promotes awareness of their talents and accomplishments to the fans.

You can register on-line at Please note: we've had a few reports of people not receiving responses to inquiries about the convention. In almost every case it has turned out that the people were not using any of the e-mail addresses on the Conifur website, but were sending personal e-mails directly to people who used to be on staff of the convention. Please use only the following addresses:

Events (including clinics, masquerade, et al):

Publications (program book, pocket program, con bags):

All things Artshow related:

Dealer's Den information:

Charity auction:


Program Book

We are accepting submissions for the ConiFur Convention/Program Book!

The convention booklet will be 8.5"x11", black and white, with tape
binding. The book will contain the usual information on our guest of honor,
events, schedule, policies, plus lots of fun stuff.

We are accepting submissions of artwork and fiction. Subject matter should
be of interest to the anthropomorphic/furry fan. All material submitted to
the convention book must be suitable for all ages. Material with a Pacific
Northwest flavor is preferred, but not required. Size requirements,
formats, and so forth is all listed on the ConiFur website.

Deadline for submissions to the convention book is August 15, 2003. All
material appearing in the convention book is subject to approval by both
the convention book editor and the convention chairman.

Questions about the convention book and contents should be sent directly to
the editor: Gene Breshears (

You can find all this information (plus ad rates and submission requirements) and a lot more cool news about the best
furry convention in the Pacific Nortwest at the ConiFur website:

Or you can go directly to the Program Book page by clicking here.

Charity Auction

Every year, we host an auction to raise money for our favorite local charitable organization, the Washington State Ferret Rescue and Shelter ( WSFRS is a non-profit, no-kill shelter which cares for ferrets in the Puget Sound region. While they always have ferrets ready for adoption to a good home, a number of their ferrets will require lifelong care at the shelter due to incurable illnesses, age, or behavioral problems.
In order to help those ferrets, we need a lot of cool stuff to auction off. Start thinking now about any items you could donate to this worthy cause. Be sure to attend the auction at the convention and be ready to bid.

Remember, the ferrets are depending on you!

And a lot more!

We'll have the usual Dealer's Den full of good stuff, a full video schedule, dances, the masquerade, the Return of the Fursuit Challenge (help build a fur suit on-site!), clinics, panels, Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal, gaming room, and lots of fur fans just looking to have some fun. So don't miss out!

We look forward to seeing you at Conifur in September!

Gene Breshears,
Publications Coordinator, Conifur Northwest


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Question: It's been a while since I recall registering. Is there a way to confirm that I did, indeed, register, and hadn't merely planned on doing so then forgot? Because I worry that I'll get all the way there, then find out that I forgot to register and have to pay the at-the-door price for it. What I _think_ I did was forget to register at the 2002 convention, then registered sometime this spring. But I'm not certain, and I want to be certain.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Conifur NW is currently in the process of sorting and responding to its pre-registrations. Those who registered will receive confirmation before the pre-registration deadline.

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Okay! Thank you!

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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