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Another television special about furries?

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The Learning Channel (TLC) is airing a show next week called "Animal Imitators". The commercials that I have seen so far imply that the show seems exclusively about furries, what with all the fursuits, the title of the show, and the like. The text from the TLC website regarding the show (here) reads:

Animal Imitators
Meet people who tattoo their bodies, file their teeth and nails, and dress up as animals everyday. They believe they are another species trapped in a human body - a phenomenon called trans-species - and are only content when they are mimicking an animal.

Hmm... will this be another MTV-esque "documentary", or will this actually be a fair television show? We can only hope it's the latter... It airs on TLC on August 19th at 10:00 PM (ET), and the next day at 1:00 AM (ET).

-Alkiro Michienzi


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Ack, this is a duplicate. That's what I get for being out of town for most of the last two weeks. Bah. Sorry about the lack of posts, folks.

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Really? Hmm... we'll see, I guess. Because I do remember seing at least one fursuit in the commercial. Also, regarding the duplicate, I apologize; I sent this in just before the other one was up. Eep.

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Um... I think we've already had this show (or something similar) in the U.K. It featured the following.
The american guy who calls himself 'cat man' who has tiger skin tatoos, fangs and sugically implanted whiskers.
An 'eccentric' old man who lives in a cave on the Isle of skye and has his entire body tatood in leopard skin and only ever wears a thong.
A 'snake man' who has tatoos, pointed teeth and a split tongue.

It focused on actually surgical alterations rather than fursuits and the like. The word 'furry' was never mentioned. It was fairly disturbing, however.

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As far as I know, there are only 2 fursuiters shown in the documentary. The majority of the show is made up of body mods like Cat, the Lizard Guy, the leopard lady and the snake lady.

My 'first person' interview consisted of why I think or act a certain way and why I thought it made my life better. No mention of furry/furries. No questions pertaining to 'kink'. I am positive this is not another 'MTV-esque' documentary. I have saved all 60 correspondence e-mails with this company and anyone interested is able to paruse them at any time.

Of course I do not know what to expect, but we'll find out on Tuesday, wont we? I felt totally comfortable accepting the interview. I would not have done it otherwise.

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Just Watched it.

Fairly Accurate.

Mostly concentrated on Body Modifications.

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