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Another furry article

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Another article has appeared on the fandom, this time in The Globe and Mail, Canada's most-read national newspaper. (Aug. 16, 2003, p. R3)Just in time for Feral and for Worldcon in Toronto, too.

It doesn't look like the reporter actually spoke to anyone - pretty much all the information in the article can be found on the Web.



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Regardless of whether much actual digging was done in the part of The Globe and Mail, the article was still a solid piece of work and I have to applaud them for that...

*stands up and claps*

Tlaren }:=8}

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I don't know... After mentioning both the Vanity Fair article and the MTV show, he didn't say much to counter the portrayal of furries in them. Then toward the end of the article he said a few things that implied they were accurate, and that furries were just trying to be low-key and secretive about their perversions. I don't remember seeing much of anything along the lines of "most furries aren't like that".

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The research for the article seemed to be just one quick google search. I am happy to see it linked to PressedFur, which in my opinion has some of the best coverage on the fandom.

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Looks to me like the author only managed to find out about the price of attendance at Feral! and had to drag the rest up. Apparently all the author got (who was probably working on a 24 hour deadline for a puff piece) were a lot of "no comments" when contacting furs for interviews so a drop-ten and punt strategy was used. My guess is that *all* research for the article was done on the PressedFur website and the negative articles were used because all the author could get were non-answers.

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I wish I could write my feature stories based on that little research and without actually talking to anyone in person. My job would be so much easier.

Nice try, but it simply followed the mass-media trend and didn't break any new, unbiased ground.

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WTF is that?!?
It is obvious that this Globe-reporter was eager to please certain 'elements' among the readers.
She should be sued for defamation and libel.


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I had actually conversed with her a bit via e-mail, and the only questions she asked were ones that basically tried to confirm the information she was going to use in her article. Seemed like an odd way to go about writing an article, with no new information to offer, but she didn't really do much damage to anything, at least.


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