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Whitewolf, Author sues Sony over Underworld

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Cinescape has a report on WhiteWolf and horror novelist Nancy A. Collins suing Sony. They're upset over 60 similarities in WhiteWolf's games and Collins' short story. Isn't the concept of vampires and werewolves common, and isn't Romeo and Juliet copied enough?


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Actually, the werewolf vs vampire scenario is pretty common. There are several horror comics (at least one EC of the 1905s and one Creepy/Eerie from the 1960s) that have tales of werewolves fighting vampires. Heck, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN features Dracula (a vampire) and Larry Talbot (a werewolf) battling it out. I'm also betting there are some sleezy horror films with the same theme. (My mind seems to recall one of the Paul Naschy werewolf films being about a battle with vampires.)

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Sounds to me like WW and Collins are really getting full of themselves. What next, will WW sue were fansites because they 'own' werewolves?


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Having seen the film in question, I think Sony should sue WhiteWolf for giving them bad material

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Any of you play Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness for the N64?
Same premise Your main character Cornell is a were-wolf and hes going up again Count Dracula (as you do in almost all Castlevania games)


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