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Chronicle of the Winged Serpent #3 is posted

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The free on line magazine, Chronicle of the Winged Serpent, was changed into the Dragon Erotica web site's newsletter due to a lack of interest. The next issue is now posted. Topics this issue:
Drawing a furry Cyber'Mon
Comic Updates
Cyber'Mon: the game?
Printer Quest
A short poem
Many color illustartions & mini gallery
Conventions & events
Dragon People (Comic)
Mystic Fox (Comic)

Since Winged Serpent is now the DE newsletter, it will contain adult material but not this issue (unless the nude herm Dracomon is considered adult). Submissions are always welcome.



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For one, it could have been in more user-friendly form than GIFs...

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Dont like it? Make something better.

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The pages are not in Gif format, they are in jpeg format... I've never saved anything as a gif. I chose jpeg for its simplicity for people to download the files. This latest issue, I used photoshop to save the jpegs as a large file in order to increase its resolution. None of them are gifs...

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