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Roy Attacked by Tiger

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Roy, of the duo Sigfried and Roy, was mauled by one of their tigers during a show Friday.

See story on CNN.


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not trying to be mean or anything so I'll limit my comment to:
"serves him right."

IMHO, Animals belong in the wild, not cheesy Las Vegas magic shows.

I'm personally suprised this hasnt happened sooner.

"Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."

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Roy Horn is a great advocate for exotic cat care. The mere fact that he has done this for almost 30 years is a testament to his skill and the kind of bond he has with his cats. He doesn't use the circus torture techniques to work with them...they work with him based on the bond that he has formed through living with them. To say that it serves him right is every bit as mean as you tried not to be.

By the same token, given the wild nature of cats, I think everyone is surprised that it didn't happen sooner. Once again, a clear indication that he was doing something right with these cats...people don't last that long in that kind of business if they constantly abuse their co-stars.

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