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Furry fans appear on ER

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The May 3 episode of the TV show "ER" had a sub-plot involving two stereotypical furry fans. is up in arms about this, though to me it seemed no worse than the kind of treatment Trekkies or goths usually get on TV shows. If you missed the episode, Pressed Fur has put up RealVideo clips of the furry-related sections in their new 'Fiction' section, and has a pretty good synopsis of those parts of the show.

This has been discussed extensively by the 'oh no, the fandom's ruined' crowd. I found the bit rather funny, myself.


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I saw it last week, and it looks like they made it fairly docile. I doubt there's nothing much ado about it, although the fan talking to Dr. Weaver may just be one of the extreemist reactionaries. ;)

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