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Wolf's Rain on Adult Swim

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According to Anime News Network, Wolf's Rain is probibally coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment in April.


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Why wait download them now using bit torrents or your fav downloading program,i personally have all 26 episodes very much worth the effort, just wish there were more episodes :(

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The next four episodes will air in Japan starting in December. The fan-subers are usually a week behind.
Also, the region coded DVD's are available from

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to settle it, i'm just a passer by and thought i'd ask-- Do you mean you're UNABLE to download more episodes, for whatever reason, or there are no more than 26 episodes? because if you think it's the latter, there are 30 episodes in all... at least i'm pretty sure. But not for certain, because adult swim only airs it on saturday, and i think we just had the 3rd or 4th episode (it's sunday). But i might be able to check, because i finally found tapes i can record over. Ummmm,... ... anyway just thought i'd ask, so i'llleave you alone now. JA! >^__^<

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Yea i heard about those but i heard they were goin to be on dvd only.

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