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Upcoming Furry Comics for March 2004

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Here is is, the last new furry comics listing of 2003! (For March, 2004, of course, but who's counting?) Hope everyone has a great New Year. Also, a big thanks to Doodles for compiling this list every month, and providing it to me. Also, thanks to Treesong, for his addendums to the list. Read on for the furry comics!
Just in time for the new year, new comics listings!

pg 31
Usagi Yojimbo #74 - $2.99 - order #JAN040038
In this first of a two-part story, Usagi, Katsuichi, and Jotaro continue to Kitanoji Temple, when they encounter a sinister troupe of street performers.

pg 35
What's Michael Vol. 9 TPB - $8.95 - order #JAN040060
Yet another volume of Makoto Kobayashi's famous tabby hits the stands, so break out the tuna and cat toys!

pg 102
Cartoon Cartoons #28 - $2.25 - order #JAN040266
This issue features Courage The Cowardly Dog, who fights aliens in his master's bloodstream. Not approved by the Red Cross.

Looney Tunes #112 - $2.25 - order #JAN040269
It's Elmer Fudd vs. The Goofy Gophers. Bet on the rodents.

pg 103
Scooby-Doo #82 - $2.25 - order #JAN040273
The gang chases after haunted things. As usual.

pg 139
David and Goliath #3 - $2.95 - order #JAN041291
The guardian beast of the Egyptian gods has been unleashed in the midst of WWII, only to be controlled by a young boy like a pet. In this issue, David's sister has been kidnapped by the Nazi's seeking to take Goliath, and a chase through the streets of New York City ensues.

pg 147
Liberty Meadows #36 - $2.95 - order #JAN041302
Brandy and Roger's wedding draws near as Frank makes a last effort to stop it.

pg 202
Yets! #2 - $3.50 - order #JAN042042
As Sir Perry, daredevil guinea pig, continues to explore the world of Yets with his companions Spec and Vance.

pg 217
Mark Millar's The Unfunnies #4 - $3.50 - order #JAN042160 & 62
Conclusion of series. And it's about time, too.

pg 204
Bear #4 - $2.95 - order #JAN042055
The fuzzball is stolen by kids.

pg 207
Gold Digger #51 - $2.99 - order #JAN042084
Leprechans, were-rats and "The Fortress of Shoes." Sponsored by Florsheim.

Ninja High School #115 - $2.99 - order #JAN042092

pg 223
Patrick The Wolf-Boy Giant-Size Collection, Vol. 1-2 - $15.00 - order
This trade paperback collects the first six Patric comics, and adds 21 new pages of material just for this collection. This is a fun series for all ages, and if you've missed out on it before, get it now. You'll be glad you did.

pg 226
Bubba The Redneck Werewolf #4 - $2.95 - order #JAN042196
Bubba opens up a drive-in theatre. Opening double-feature: "Werewolf of London" and "Lassie."

pg 285
When We Were Very Maakies - $19.95 - order #JAN042426
A new hardcover collection of Tony Millionaire's wacky comic strip. DRINKY

Complete Peanuts Volume 1: 1950-1952 - $28.95 - order #JAN042427
Fantagraphics has a long history of reprinting classic comic strip series, and this volume is the start of an ambitious project: A 25-volume hardcover set reprinting the entire run of the most popular comic in history. Volumes to be put out twice a year based on archival-quality syndicate proofs. The initial volume has an introduction my fellow Minnesotan Garrison Keillor and an essay by Schultz biographer David Michaelis.

pg 289
Donald Duck Adventures Volume 5 TPB - $7.95 - order #JAN042462

pg 290
Donald Duck & Friends #314 - $2.95 - order #JAN042463

Mickey Mouse & Friends #263 - $2.95 - order #JAN042464

Uncle Scrooge #328 - $6.95 - order #JAN042467

pg 292
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #643 - $6.95 - order #JAN042468

pg 296
Blacksad #2 - $12.95 - order #JAN042516
The second story of private investigator John Blacksad is translated for US audiences, in a story of race, hate crime and the Deep South.

pg 306
Finder #34 - $2.95 - order #JAN042543
I just love this series. You could to if you'd start buying it. So what's preventing you?

pg 312
Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective Vol. 2 #2 - $4.95 - order #JAN042608
"The Long Ever After Part 2: The Glass Slipper." If you can't figure out the plot from the title, seek help.

pg 315
Furrlough #135 - $2.99 - order #JAN042629
Ursula Hustead's "Space Vixen," Melton & Ruzicka's "Time Venturer," and selected shorts by Eddie Perkins and David Goodman. Cover by Heather Bruton.

pg 318
Deady: The Malevolent Teddy - $5.95 - order #JAN042650
This story by Voltaire is all about the galaxy's greates evil breaking out and inhabiting a teddy bear. Think "Child's Play" with plush...

pg 320
Stonehaven GN - $38.95 HC, $19.95 SC - Order #'s JAN042674 & 75
The story of a state ranger who hires a half-elf detective to find his runaway daughter in a city inhabited by all forms of mythical creatures.

That's it for this month. See you all in 30 days!


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For those of you who haven't checked out the imported european versions (in french or german, sold with photocopied translations of the text in english) of Blacksad which often pop up at furry cons, *get it*! It's easily some of the best writing and best furry art that i've ever seen put together.

Also in this month's previews, the first volume of blacksad is being offered again, so get both if you missed the boat the first time. It's worth it.


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