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ConiFur NW updates web page, adds chat list

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ConiFur has updated its web site with registration and hotel information, as well as links to subscribe to an announcement mailing list and a chat mailing list. Click "Read More" to read the latest announcement from the Convention Chairperson.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Conifur Northwest announcement list is back
in action. It was down for some time while we determined why everyone
could post to it and not just us, which caused some confusion and
embarrassment last fall. The configuration error has been corrected
and so the list is back online. As before, we will be using it to announce
information about the convention as it becomes available.

In response to a number of inquiries, we also have a new list,
the Conifur Northwest chat list. As the name implies, this is a list
for general chat related to the convention, including room and ride
sharing. To subscribe, just send an email to
Once you've subscribed, you can post by sending email to

Our new 2001 website is up! It has actually been up for about a
month now, but since the list was still down we didn't really have a
way to get the word out. Thanks to a redesign by Publications Coordinator
Gene Breshears, it is better organized and more informative than ever

Thank you for your interest in Conifur, and we look forward to seeing
you in about five months!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

In addition, at a time when conventions are downsizing from eight foot to six foot tables for Dealers and increasing the costs of those same tables (less for more), ConiFur is hanging on with eight foot tables for $50 that includes two memberships. Since memberships are $30 otherwise, it's actually cheaper to buy a Dealer's Den table than to buy two memberships!

We're once again at the Best Wester Holiday Inn located in Fife, WA. This hotel has a free courtesy hotel shuttle from SeaTac Airport so even that will save you money.

-Dan Canaan / Flinthoof

-ConiFur NorthWest

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