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Kentucky university sues Italian tv show over fursuit mascot design.

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"Gabibbo" has been the mascot of a popular satirical tv show since 1990, with music CDs and image licensing. "Big Red" has been the mascot of Western Kentucky University since 1979.

An Italian company's decision to license "Big Red" for use in Italy (cutting out "Gabibbo") may be the cause of the legal action. A magazine interview with the tv show director in 1991 may not help his case.

The International Herald Tribune runs the New York Times story at:


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

After doing a Google search for both Big Red and Gabibbo, I can see how someone would think one looked like the other, in that they are both big red blobs with eyes and a mouth. I think instead of suing the italian tv show, Kentucky University should invest the money in getting a better mascot. I mean, what the hell is Big Red supposed to be, anyway?

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