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If You Liked "Badgers"... A new Furry Flash music video

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If you liked "Badgers", you will probably love "Ddautta", a 3 1/2 minute Flash-animated music video by South Korean animator "SamBakZa" about a lovesick bunny and a cat who cannot persuade her that interspecies romances just don't work out. See it at If your computer will not show Korean writing, go to the "Amalloc" page and open the picture that shows the young cat standing next to the "Juicy Fish" and "Carrot" vending machine.


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Heck, you'll probably love this even if you DIDN'T like "Badgers!" It's awesome! The simplistic drawing style is MORE than compensated for by the fluid animation and visual humor.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I found this a little while ago and made an animated .gif of one of the short scenes, it's at ; I also have a .gba version of the entire movie for those of you that have rewritable gameboy advance cartridges

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For those of you who don't want to poke through the site to find the animation, it is also on here:

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