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Subservient Chicken

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Burger King has a new promotional mascot for its chicken items. It's Subservient Chicken, a disturbing, pseudo-webcam chicken fursuit with garters on its legs.

Subservient Chicken poses and moves in exotic, often risque positions, and does...well...pretty much whatever the viewer asks it to. One has to speculate; is Burger King trying to corner the furry demographic?



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Almost as creepy as Skippy!

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That ... is...


oddly disturbing.

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From: Silverfur
I had the techs at our office all running the "webcam" at the same time, and the chicken was clearly doing different things on all three computers...evidently it is a very clever program that recognizes user entered commands which activate pre-recorded actions...way cool, but still somewhat unsettling...?

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that's too funny...

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