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'Chuck Chicken' is getting a movie

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Here is another anthro-animal animated movie that America probably won’t get. The Hollywood Reporter reported on March 14 that:

Malaysia's Animasia Studio has inked a deal with China's Zero One Animation to produce the CGI-animated feature film Chuck Chicken — The Movie.

The $8 million movie is being adapted from the successful television series Chuck Chicken a.k.a. Kungfu Chicken. Production will take place in China, but animators from both countries will work on the project. The film will premiere first in China, as the original TV series was particularly popular there, having gained 300 million views within six months of its launch on the country's VOD platform iQIYI.


The Malay Mail Online says that the movie will be finished in 2018. There are several furry fans in Malaysia including prominent new author MikasiWolf and artist Silverfox5213. Can any of them tell us anything about Animasia Studios?


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Oops. Sorry, MikasiWolf. I didn’t mean to imply that Singapore is part of Malaysia. It was kicked out by the Malaysian government back in 1965, and has been doing okay as an independent city-nation ever since.

Fred Patten

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No problem! There are some who believe Singapore is part of China, and that everyone speaks and writes in Mandarin. But everyone uses English here :D

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Perhaps they're mixing it up with Hong Kong, where English is in slow decline. It's understandable; they're barely 2500km away from each other - practically next door! ;-)

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