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Only 3 more days to RCFM!

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Hey Y'all!

Rocket City FurMeet is almost here and we are going to have SUCH a great time this year! Plans are falling into place and we've already started moving the cargo...

The Art Show will be something to see, the Furry Variety Show is poised to be an entertainment highlight, the 24 hr. Artists' Alley will be unique in the Con world, the Hospitality (FOOD, to you Northerners) will be plentiful and varied, the Traveling LAN show will be a haven of pixellated delight, and we will have FREE GLOW TOYS at the Dance on Saturday night!

We'll be tormenting Guests of Honor Jim Groat and Tyger Cowboy, forcing them to do obscene things for our amusement. The Jaguar will be tormenting us all for his own amusement. We will have a massive DESSERT right after Opening Ceremonies... and right before Dinner. :P

We have photo contests, an 18 Table Dealers' Den, my very own Special cappucino for Free - twice, Yotewah's Spirituality Haven - in it's own room this year, Oldfreek's returning PawPetting track, Kakiro's Game room, Videos galore, ... and did we mention the FOOD?

Visit today, and see what we're going to be doing this weekend. Don't you wish you were too?




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