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Charity art auction to benefit CaliFur

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There are currently two pieces of art being auctioned at FurBid to benefit the brand new furry con CaliFur. The artwork is the original illustrations used on the con t-shirts, and are drawn by Brian Wear.

If you went to this con, had a good time, and want to see it come back again better next year, consider helping out by bidding on the pieces.

"Indiana" the male version tee-shirt art.
"Laura" the female version tee-shirt art.



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It's not charity unless the organizers are forming or are already part of a non-profit organization.

I see no indication of that at this time, so keep in mind that the purpose of "donations" to Califur would actually be to decrease their losses (or increase profits depending on whether the bottom line is above or below zero). At this time, Califur seems to be a business venture, not a charity.

That said, I wholeheartedly recommend that if you want to assist the organizers and financers of the new convention, Califur, then bid on the above-mentioned items to your heart's content.

...they just shouldn't be calling it "charity".

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I have to agree with this person. MFM has a charity auction that benifits Tiger Haven, a non profit organization. Its not a charity if its going to an already formed organization, its called a donation.

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Terribly sorry, I'm not really with the con in any official capacity. I just didn't think that a single post to the socalfurs yahoo group was good enough advertising for the auction. I didn't realize that the wording was that significant.

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