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Raccoons Take Over New Orleans

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Well, more like City Park. But, hey, it's the main headline in the paper.

The article, entitled "Masked Marauders", depicts them as "furry little sacks of disease"---not quite untrue, but I don't want to see us do the same thing that we did with the nutria, which was to send out police snipers, and otherwise put a bounty on them. Wholy undignified and unnecessary for raccoons. (Nutria are, by contrast, foreign, and destroy wetlands and levees; they are the true pests.)

After I submit this, I'm going to write the paper an opinion piece, because somebody has to vouch for them and be their defense where they otherwise have none.

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After being hysterical for nearly all of Friday, I finally calmed down enough to realize that nothing's actually happened yet. So no opinion piece, yet.

I don't know. Maybe seeing raccoons on the front page just really freaked me out.

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