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FurJournal is a journal service for furries built entirely from scratch (no pun intended), using the community's ideas and suggestions through its development.In a state of 'continuous development', FurJournal is designed to break away from the stereotypes, where 'yiff' and 'sex' aren't the two most popular interests and the users get to speak out on what they think should be changed or added to the site.

The site is rated PG, so if you don't like the stereotypical connotations of the 'yiff diaries', and LiveJournal is too cold and crowded for you, head over to

And if you don't like that.. well, let me know how I can make it better. Fair deal?



Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I'm decided that from now on any donations FurJournal gets will contribute to
adopting a snow leopard.
This will therefore be a collective effort and the website will be adorned
with pictures and scans of any material and contact.
It's entirely voluntary, of course, and I myself will be contributing to the
cause. If you don't want to go through FurJournal (which will also help to expand the site, as well as getting to that target amount quicker), you can visit the
donation page directly using this

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