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Cats and Dogs Movie to be released July 4th 2001

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All right so it's a bit early to be buying
tickets and organizing events with your fav friends, but this
movie is worth a quick look. On July 4th of this year, Warner
Brothers will unveil "Cats and Dogs" an
action/adventure comedy. The title leaves little for the
imagination, yes that's right, dogs and cats are the stars of the
show. The plot seems fairly simple, Cats once ruled the ancient
world dating back to Egypt, however the dogs came to power and
brought down the Cat Empire. Since then a war has raged between
the two species, hidden from the typical human view. Oh yes, the
humans are absolutely clueless as to the covert battles being
waged right under their noses. Suddenly a rogue cat named Mr.
(Voice of Sean Hayes) begins stirring up
trouble, when he sets into motion an evil plan that would disable
the dogs of the world and prevent humans from stopping his Kitty
Tyranny! A Group of top canine agents are given the mission
impossible, stop the rogue cat and save the world. This looks like a
must see for furry fans this summer! Unfortunately for the
kitties, the dogs are the heroes in this flick, Sorry pussycats
:) Even so, this film looks like a whole lot of fun for everyone.
For additional info on Cats and Dogs check out the Official
. Cats and Dogs is currently
Unrated, yet we can expect it to be somewhere between G and PG-13.
Special Thanks for Yahoo! Movies for the Bios.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

I saw a long preview for this at NorWesCon and it looked hilarious.

Darn those dogs for foiling our plot yet again!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

I'm finally starting to see billboards cropping up for this movie. Most of them have a Persian cat and a Beagle dog. In my experience beagles aren't the brightest things on four legs. ;P

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