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Philly CityPaper documents Furry community in good light

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The Philadelpha City Paper, a free alternative weekly newspaper, often covers items other papers wouldn't -- and they chose to cover the convention with a little bit of Animal Magnetism. However, true to any City Paper, they didn't MTV it -- the article is fairly even, while they concentrate on one person.


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I agree that the hysteria over media is exaggerated, and it's pointless to worry needlessly about an impression we can't entirely manage.

However, I don't think there's any correlatoin between "furries" and "linux users". Furries are distinguished principally by bizarre behavior, even in the nicest light--costuming and art that are most easily understood by outsiders as kin to fetish (which isn't entirely untrue). Linux users have a preference for an OS. Any negative stereotypes of Linux users are restricted specifically to geekdom. (There will never be a CSI episode with Linux users rubbing civet oil and ipecac on someone in a costumed orgy.)

I also disagree that furries are (yet) a substantial enough demographic as to negatively impact the economy if you piss us off. The only case where this may be true is for an already established convention, but in a case like this the hotel is already aware of the money at stake when they make their decision.


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The link led me to a story about someone helping men transitioning from prison life back into society or somesuch; didn't read it all. While I found Anthrocon to be a refreshing and liberating experience, somehow I do not think that was quite what was intended. =:)

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Type the article's title; "Animal Magnetism" into search.

It really is a straight-forward, positive article without being a complete whitewash. Amazing what can happen when you have a normal conversation with an honest reporter. :)

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) is a direct link. The other one apparently only worked when the article was current.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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