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New Animation Studio Fur Friendly?

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Dave Kuhn, well known artist/animator in the fur community, has a new animation studio. Caats Studio opened on Monday, July 19th. The studio website features a cute female tiger character and announcement of work on a feature!

Kuhn is a familiar face, having attended West Coast furcons for over a decade. He was even one of the early fursuit builders.


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We're up to nothing more sinister than making some fun cartoons. Although our focus is on a general audience, a number of our projects include animal characters and should be of interest to the fandom.

It was actually Shawn Keller who created the Furry Fans website and comic book. He is part of CAAT Studios but his feature project is completely unrelated to his earlier works. Believe me, I think you'll enjoy it.


-- Dave

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My Congratulations and good luck wishes go out to Dave Kuhn and Shawn Keller.

They are both extremely talented and accomplished artists and deserve better recognition.

Here's to hoping Caats Studio is a success.


ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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Shawn's a talented artist, but he's also gone to some rather bizarre lengths to make fun of people. I have to view any organization willing to employ him--if that organization is aware of the scatological humor and outright public slander he has directly aimed at specific people (Blackberry comes to mind) and continues to maintain this information online--with some amount of suspicion. One crosses the line between parody and obscenity when one puts up images of specific people engaged in scat, masturbation, and sexual acts, right there where children can reach it.

I don't think my reaction is either extreme or uncalled for. My impression has long been that animation isn't just a job, it's a profession. Meaning, the public character of people who animate affects how animation itself is perceived by the public at large (this is one of the criticisms often leveled at furry fandom, actually). If someone like Chuck Jones had maintained a public face featuring the sort of things Shawn likes to showcase, he'd probably have been pushed out of his job and had legal action brought against him, despite his status as an animator. Shawn gets away with it for the time being in part because he's low profile, and in part because nobody's bothered to really lawyer him on it.

As far as the fandom goes, some of us are offended enough by Shawn's continued maintenance of this sort of filth that we'll keep clear of anything your studio produces. Your assurance that it will be "completely unrelated to his earlier works" isn't going to be enough to satisfy me, when Google's cache of shows up even with strict filtering of adult content enabled. He's made no effort to keep his site safe for children--and if he were working for a *real* animation studio, a quick heads-up to his superiors about this site would be enough to get him fired.

Then again, a heads-up in the form of a press release to the Hollywood public about the sorts of works your animators keep available online might not be good for any productions you may have planned for release, either.

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On behalf of the majority of the fandom which isnt insanely paranoid and frothing at the mouth...

Ignore the Flames, Keep up the Work and Good Luck.

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Oh come on furfans was funny.

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Threatening to expose Shawn for creating content unsuitable for children? Hilarious! As they say, there's always [at least] one out of the bunch - frothing at the mouth, as someone else mentioned here.

No worries. I cannot see the Suspicious Ones trying to ignore what is up CAAT's sleeves; meniton "animal characters" and they'll likely be among the first to be all over it. :)

I've heard some cool stuff going down, and I wish Dave and the others all the best in their ventures.

- Mike

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"Then again, a heads-up in the form of a press release to the Hollywood public about the sorts of works your animators keep available online might not be good for any productions you may have planned for release, either."

Yeah, that's a brilliant plan. Point every executive in Hollywood to a site they never would have found on their own. Give Keller more free advertising than he knows what to do with. I'll remind you that "there's no such thing as bad publicity" in Hollywood (as Michael Moore and Mel Gibson will surely attest.)

Have you ever thought for a moment what would happen if these people aren't so mortally offended as you are? If, in fact, they find the site *funny* and pass it around to all their friends? This is the same Hollywood community that was so "offended" by a short with little kids swearing and Jesus fighting Santa Claus that they turned it into a series: Southpark.

All your crank letters saying "whatever you do, don't look at this horrible website!" will do is bring negative attention to a fandom that has already had more than its share.

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If I didn't know for a fact that some furries were this far gone, I would think you were just some cartoon characature designed by someone strictly for trolling.

BTW - your reaction is retarded, your impressions are wrong (just like your facts), and no one gives a shit if you get offended by something.

Also: "Shawn's continued maintenance of this sort of filth that we'll keep clear of anything your studio produces." was that supposed to be a threat of some sort? Furries keeping away? LOL. Either way, this gave me a good laugh. Thanks, dumbass



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Wow. it seems every time someone mentions Dave or Shawn, some anonymous, raging furry comes out of the woodwork to harumph and stomp their feet, and make not-so-subtle threats to their careers. I hope you realize, every time you do this, it just makes you look like a drooling lunatic.

Anonymous, sorry to strike a blow to your obviously inflated ego, but you don't constitute the slightest threat to anyone working at CAATS. You're probably like all the other furries i've ever met. Bitter, jealous, spiteful, and way too lazy to make the sacrifices it takes to be an animation artist. The only reason you hate Dave, is because he's successful and has respectable peers in the industry. And you are a nobody, consigned to furry obscurity.

Allow me a cruel chuckle.. HAW! I can't believe you're hinting about "leaking" sensitive information to some Hollywood mafia who don't actually exist, to try and frighten established artists? HAW! Everyone who knows these guys know they've "dabbled" in the fandom, and they've never once been fired or reprimanded for it.

This is the most pathetic, whining attempt at getting attention I've ever see. If you're so jealous, go out and make your own "furry friendly" animation studio. Quit bitching about other people because they have talent, and you don't! Because unlike 99.5% of the "artists" involved in furry fandom, they actually CAN draw:}

Think about it. ^-^

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Not to mention, the whole thing smacks of blackmail. For shame.


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Agree on this one.
The "animation world hates furries" theme is a bit tired and unjustified. Shawn and Dave as well as other animation creators, writers and producers are known to dabble in furdom. No doubt some prejudices occur, just as some studios don't like "fan-types" in general, but if real talent is there, the studio will want it.

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