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FurSuiters/Cosplayers needed for Linucon (Texas Sci/Fi convention)

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Linucon, the combination Sci/Fi Linux Expo debuting Oct. 8-10th in Austin Texas is looking for Fursuiters and Cosplayers! Read more for details, as Bookworm needs fellow fursuiters for panels and general masquading!From Troy C. Belding, aka Bookworm of Schlock Mercenary:

I'm in charge of programming for Linucon, a combination SF/Linux expo that will be debuting on October 8-10th in Austin, Texas. (

We would like to have a masquerade/cosplay, as well as have a need for more anime and artist type people, both to show up and for panel fodder. Because of that, I'm looking for FurSuiters, as well as non-furry costumes and artists.
I can be reached at for more information.

Troy C. Belding




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a con that WANTS fursuiters...AND cosplayers ?!

strange world


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Sci-fi, Linux, AND furry?

Excuse me while I go change my pants.

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An open appeal for animal costumers. Most unusual!
I smell a rat. I think somebody who produces a show for cable tee-wee must have put him up to this.

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