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Morphicon 2005 Hotel / Date Change!

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Morphicon 2005: May 6 to May 8
Radisson Hotel Columbus-Worthington
7007 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43085

PLEASE NOTE: Morphicon's hotel and date have changed since our Anthrocon flyers (see our current flyers here). We moved so we could have access to a much larger space this year! This change is final; we will be having the convention May 6-8 at the Radisson.

Our theme for this year is "Growing Pains". Come help us celebrate many kinds of "growth" in the fandom: the personal, the physical, the social, and the spiritual. Our programming will include free food festivities, several performance events, and panels aimed at a wide array of furry interests--on issues ranging from spirituality to lifestyle to living with disabilities.

Check us out online at for more information about the convention, or to register online. See you next May!



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