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The Incredible Journey meets The Terminator?

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The first issue of DC/Vertigo's three-issue WE3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely has just hit the comics shops. The U.S. military bioengineers a dog, a cat and a rabbit into intelligent unstoppable soldier/assassins, but they escape and want to "go home". Vertigo's website includes a downloadable art PDF.

Vertigo's publicity describes it as a cross between "The Terminator" and "The Incredible Journey". But since it also says it is the authors' attempt to create a "Western manga", it seems likely that the "WE3" title is a tribute to Osamu Tezuka's "W3" 1960s manga and anime TV series, known in America as "The Amazing 3" (Bonnie Bunny, Ronnie Horse and Zero Duck).


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