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Jailhouse Pussies

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It sounds like a rude film of the type that made Betamax popular, doesn't it? Actually, this is Flahrah, so you get a story about cats.

Inmates in Indiana prisons have started adopting felines who have wandered into the prison yard. There has been some speculation about how the cats have gotten into the jails, but so far the prison officials are permitting about 29 inmates to keep cats. Reportedly, it calms in the inmates. Another news site reported some skirmishes over the felines, but it sounds like so far they're doing more harm than good.



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I meant VHS. -- ink

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Well, Beta might be appropriate too. I had a close friend in high school whose father kept pornos on Beta specifically because it was tricky to access.


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You mean "more good than harm," don't you?

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