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Radio Comics Sale

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It is coming close to the end of the year, and we're running out of space in our storage space! In order to help make more room, and also to lower those end-of-year inventory taxes, we're clearing out comics at half off!

Every Radio Comix and Sin Factory comic book that is more than a year old at the Radio Comix Webstore is 50% off (this is 50% off the cover price, and 50% off the shipping, too). Titles include Furrlough, Genus, Havoc Inc, Hit the Beach, Eureka, Bureau of Mana Investigation, Tales of the Fehnnik, Morning Glory, Monsters of Rock, True Hue, Gold Digger Edge Guard, Mangaphile, Milk, and more.

This is our biggest sale ever, and we don't expect to offer a sale like this in the forseeable future, so act soon. Sale lasts for ONE WEEK ONLY, ending October 13th.

For more info, and to visit the web store, go to

- Matthew, Radio Comix


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