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Skunkworks Reflections is now available

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From Radio Comics' website: "As some of you may or may not know, longtime Radio creator Jim Hardiman has been having health problems. Specifically, his diabetes has caused blood clots to form in his eyes. Thankfully, with some management and laser eye surgery, permanent blindness was averted. However, the surgery was very expensive, and like most comic artists, he doesn't have medical insurance. So we at Radio decided to sponsor a benefit book to help Jim with his bills! We asked our best and brightest artists to submit their take on Jim's popular Skunkworks characters and the response was overwhelming! Skunkworks: Reflections was born!"The proceeds from each copy sold will go directly to Jim to help cover his medical bills. In the event that we make enough money to completely cover Jim's expenses, we've agreed to donate the remaining amount to the American Diabetes Association.

For now, Skunkworks Reflections is only available off our website. It will be offered via the direct market sometime in the future, but for now the only place you can get it is here! And look what we've got for you:

Variant Covers by TRUMP and Dr. COMET.

64 Pages of Stories and Pinups by some of your favorite Radio Creators! Including:

Kjartan Arnorsson, John Barrett, Leo Batic, Max Blackrabbit, Mike Cogliandro, Dark Natasha, Dutch, Dynotaku, Daniel Fu, Megan Giles, James Hanrahan, Christina Hanson, Kaoru Hasegawa, Ursula Husted, Alex Kolliopoulos, Desiree Lee, Dan Matanski, Naginata Matsurino, Daria McGrain, Erick Melton & Will Ruzicka, MINNARM, Monty, Mark Moore, Jay Naylor, Sara Palmer, Greg Panovich, Eddie Perkins, Fred Perry, Ferdinand Poblete, Joe Rosales, Eric W. Schwartz, Silverfish, Ken Shingshow, Terrie Smith, Diana X. Sprinkle, Brian Sutton & Shon Howell, Thor Thorvaldson Jr., TRUMP, Michael Vega, Yamaneko-Ya, Momiji Yuga and Brandon Graham.


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