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Radio Comix Update for 1/22/01

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For those interested in Radio Comix books, here's a quick update!
Last week we shipped two books to the distributors:
Furrlough #96, featuring work by Diana Harlan Stein, Daphne Lage & Jose
Calderon, Scott Mills, Thor Thorvaldson Jr and Christina Hanson & Ed Garcia; Gold Digger: Edge Guard #3 by John Barrett
They should be in comic stores this week.

We also turned in several books to the printers in the last three weeks, including:

Genus #45

Havoc Inc Vol. 1 graphic novel

This week, we are turning in:

Xeno's Arrow Bk 2 #1 by Stephen Geigen-Miller & Greg Beettam

Radio Comix will also be appearing at Further Confusion this weekend- our
tables will be packed with people, including myself, Matt High, Mike Suarez,
Diana X. Sprinkle, John Barrett, Richard Moore, Joe Rosales, Megan Giles, Bryce
Nakagawa, Phil Morrissey, and no fewer than SIX artists from Japan- TRUMP, Dr.
Comet, Ayumi Shimano, Monty, Silver-fish, and Yamaneko! We will have a full
array of all of our titles, and printer willing, the Havoc graphic novel will
debut at the convention. It collects the first four issues, plus a new cover
and backup story and the package looks sweet!

I'll also be accepting submissions at the convention, but only subs I can take
home and look at later. (I'll have my hands too full chaperoning the Japanese
artists to do any real portfolio reviews on site...) Please make your
submissions no larger than 8.5x11 inches, xeroxes only, and be sure to put your
contact info all over them. They can be handed in to myself, or my assistant,
Mike Suarez. Joe Rosales and Phil Morrissey will be Artists in Residence, who
will be more than happy to do art critiques and offer new artists assistance
with their anatomy, inking, etc.

Hope to see all of you there!

--Elin Winkler, Editor at Radio Comix

For more information about Radio Comix releases, ordering info, or general news, please check out our website at:


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