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New Fur Forum Launching!

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Twosune Forums is now open for business! The forum allows furs to talk about art, games, and general news, as well as acting as a virtual flea market for furs.

Besides allowing artists to sell non-auction items and services, artists can also ask and be asked for commissions, as well as discuss art itself, such as drawing and writing techniques, as well as participate in ongoing contests! Come by and try us out!

Happy Holidays!


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The link in the post didn't work for me, but it wasn't hard to find the forums. They're at

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You can also use ....

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Okay. It didn't work when I tried it earlier but it seems to be working now.

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I cheated: Once you pointed out that it didn't work, I asked the admin to change it.

Thanks, BTW!

Also, great admin!


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