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Wild Angels becomes a Wiki comic

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After a couple of years of raising funds to buy a newer computer with a scanner/printer, I'm happy to report that I'm bringing Wild Angels back to the Web.

Its location

The comic will be hosted without commercial interruption by the hobbyist hosting site Ursine, and will for the first time be held on a Wikimedia-powered site, using the same Wiki markup language used by Wikipedia.


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Congratulations! How often do you want to update the comic? Monthly? Weekly? Monday-Wednesday-Friday? And are you going to continue the older storylines?

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Actually, I was thinking of starting fresh stories. I have the older strips on floppies nearby, but my new Micron tower computer can't read them. I plan on updating at least weekly.
One new wrinkle: the comic will be colored outside of the computer, to make it less vulnerable to my being called in to work scads of overtime. A couple of months ago, the account I'm working asked for less worker-hours, so I don't have to work more than 40 hours per week, but you never know.

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My apologies. I neglected to log in before posting that.

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