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Upcoming furry comics for February 2006 (Previews only)

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Doodles wrote in

Here's a few Valentine's Day treats. From this point on, I'm skipping the order #'s. You have the page in the catalog to look in, that'll be good enough.

pg 25
Usagi Yojimbo #91 - $2.99
Usagi now finds himself accused of the murders at Geshu Castle, and must
work with Tomoe and a distrusting bodyguard to solve the crime. I say the butler did it.

pg 92
Scooby Doo #105 - $2.25
Zombies invade a playground, which has to close because the city council
can't afford anti-zombie liability insurance.

Looney Tunes #135 - $2.25
Daffy schemes to storm the world of basketball, but forgets that ducks suck at the fastbreak.

pg 211
Atomik Mike #1 - $3.50
Whaddaya do when you're the greatest space smuggler alive and you've been turned into a monkey? I dunno about you, but my first impulses would involve bananas.

pg 218
Alice in Wonderland #1 - $3.50
Art by Rod Espinoza

Gold Digger #72 - $2.99

pg 219
Gold Digger Remix #2 - $2.99

Ninja High School Hawaii Pocket Manga Vol 1 - $12.95

Ninja High School #136 - $2.99

Oz: The Manga - Epilouge - $2.99

pg 222
Go-Go Gorilla and the Jungle Crew Winter Fun Special - $3.50
Superhero funny animal hijinks in the snow. Which sounds like a plotline from a 50's comic instead of a 2000-era one. =};-3 The cover is by Scott Shaw!, so at least one page of the art will be good. The interiors by Erwin, Hall, Hedgecock and Evans look okay, so what the hell.

pg 223
Mouse Guard #1 - $3.50
This is a new title from David Petersen, about a trio of mice who are part of a secret organization amongst mousedom that helps keep their villages safe. This six-issue series will focus on the adventures of Saxon, Kenzie, and Lieam as they are dispatched to find a missing merchant and discover more than the could have expected. The samples in the catalog look extraordinary. Give it a shot.

pg 271
Donald Duck & Friends #337 - $2.95

Mickey Mouse & Friends #286 - $2.95

Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol. 8 TP - $7.95

Uncle Scrooge #351 - $6.95

pg 274
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #666 - $6.95

pg 298
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #20 - $3.25

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #26 - $2.95

pg 302
Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #3 - $3.98
Monkeys throw poo.

pg 306
Sizzle #29 - $5.95
ADULTS ONLY Along with the rest of the crap inside, it contains more of the continuing adventures of "Omaha the Cat Dancer." Which makes it the title I most recommend this month. Or any other month they've got the pretty kitty in it.

pg 308
Furrlough #157 - $3.50
The longest-running anthro anthology contines as we get more "Ace &
Queenie," more "Dragon Quest," and most of all, more "Ebin and May."

Genus #76 - $3.50
ADULTS ONLY More from Eric Huelin, Shon Howell, DAQ, Brian Sutton, and

pg 310
Albedo Vol. 5 #3 - $4.99
"Menace From Space." The war gets worse as spaceships from bothsides conduct assaults on planetary targets.

Beginner's Guide to Drawing Furry Art - $4.99
Steve Corbett shows you his techniques in creating anthropomorphics. Now, if you want to see his techniques in finding subject matter, may I suggest a quick trip to the newsstand for "Leather Bondage Bitches Monthly?" =};-3

pg 322
Wallace & Gromit: A Pier Too Fat TP - $8.95
The boys take a vacation to the beach and Wallace decides to save a run-down pier by staging a talent contest. What could possibly go wrong? (Don't answer that...)

pg 346
Coffee and Donuts GN - $10.00
In this tale by Max Estes, a pair of stray cats that live in a dumpster
stage a botched robbery, dodge bullets, and hide from shadowy mobsters.
They also remembered the powdered sugar.

Happy holidays, and see you in 30!>>

And if memory serves, on Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:51:04 GMT I responded:


PAGE 206
DEC052753F Yenny #6 24p, partial color $3.50
by David Alvarez with Richard Cruz & Rangely Garcia
'Don't mess with cupid, because he has strange magical powers! Strange
like making you get FAT! Yeah... that weird.'

PAGE 224
DEC052821E Sonic the Hedgehog #159 32p, color $2.25
by Ken Penders & Ron Lim
'"System Reboot": The action-packed, multi-issue epic comes to a
sensational end… and the non-stop thrills are bound to leave your head
spinning! As their robotic creations wreck havoc around them, the
contrast between the malevolent Dr. Robotnik and the benevolent Uncle
Chuck is heightened. Now Sonic, Knuckles and all the good citizens of
Knothole Village must restore order from the Metal Sonic Troopers… and
you won't believe who their latest ally is!' Superman!

DEC052822E Sonic X #6 32p, color $2.25
by Joe Edkin & Ron Zalme
"I Never Promised You a Chao Garden Chapter 2":

PAGE 268
DEC052994F Billy Hazelnuts hc, 6x9, 100p, b&w $19.95
by Tony Millionaire
'Sock Monkey and Maakies creator Tony Millionaire transmutes nursery
rhymes and the golem myth into a storybook about a girl scientist and
her friend, Billy Hazelnuts (who was created from cooking ingredients by
tailless mice). Their journey to find the missing moon while battling an
evil steam-driven alligator with a seeing-eye skunk fuses the darker
spirit of older fairy tales with an absurdist adventure, and gender
politics. MATURE THEMES’

PAGE 307
DEC053155F Herobear and Decoy: Field Trip -- the Complete Convention
Edition 96p, b&w $12.95
by Mike Kunkel & Courtney Huddleston
'Originally produced for the 2004 San-Diego Comic-Con International,
Field Trip is now available for 300 lucky fans! This special issue
compiles the Field Trip story in its entirety, along with rough
sketches, and white covers for a do-it-yourself look. No two covers will
be alike!'

PAGE 312
DEC053184E Book of Deady vol. 1 sc, 144p, b&w $19.95
by Voltaire & Various
'What do you get when the galaxy's greatest evil escapes confinement on
its home world and possesses the body of a discarded teddy bear here on
Earth? An adorably evil teddy bear that eats cats, chases skirts, and
torments children. All of the deadly plush doll's hilarious and
offensive adventures are together in this one complete edition . . . .


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Gatuso, the comment about leather bondage bitches was uncalled for.
The book is rated general audiences and we're struggling to get funds to print right now.


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